Putting your money where your mouth is…

I’ve been talking about doing a triathlon for years. In fact, one of my ultimate goals in life is to complete an Ironman. In order to do that, you kind of have to, you know…sign up for a race. You have a host of different distances to choose from, much like a running race. Sprint, Olympic, Half-Iron and full Ironman distances are all offered. Much like you wouldn’t sign up for a full marathon as your first running race, I wouldn’t sign up for a full Ironman right off the bat. Instead, I began searching for a sprint-distance race (typically a 400-800m swim, 12 mile bike ride, and a 5k run).

Lucky for me, I already knew of a sprint distance race very close by. In fact, it’s only a 30 minute drive away. The Memphis in May Sprint Triathlon occurs during Memphis in May, a month-long celebration of a country (this year: Panama; last year: Sweden). In reality, it’s a three-day music festival, a three day BBQ competition/festival and one giant party. The sprint is the Saturday of BBQ Fest, while the Olympic race is on Sunday. There’s also a 10k on Friday night.

The race is supposedly very beginner friendly. Held at the Harrah’s resort and casino in Tunica, Mississippi, it’s close by Memphis. The swim portion is in a spring-fed lake that is no deeper than 6 feet, and it uses a time trial start so no worries about getting thrashed. Both the bike and run are extremely flat and fast. The only worry is the weather; it could be 50 or 90 degrees, sunny (there is no shade on the course) or massive thunderstorms. It’s a crapshoot. Given the depth of the water, it’s also 50-50 on whether it will be wetsuit-legal or not. We shall see.

My training has already started, though it is very run-heavy right now. I’ve been doing 4x run, 2x swim and 2x biking on my girlfriend’s spin bike. I hope to get my own bike soon.

Hope everyone had an awesome weekend!

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