Stasis, or Sitting On Your Ass

OK, I’m over it. I’ve been knocked out after my wisdom teeth surgery since last Friday. I’ve barely left the house, save for a short excursion to a work off-site meeting within walking distance of my apartment downtown. I only lasted until lunch time before the pain got to me and I had to stumble home. I’ve been working from home and accomplishing some good stuff, but it’s not the same. There’s not even any more World Cup to watch during the week!

This is week one of official NYC Marathon training. I was scheduled to run 4 miles on Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday, with a long run of eight miles this weekend. So far, I’ve run zero. For the year, I’m sitting on only 344 miles total, which puts me WAY off the pace to reach 1k miles this year. I would need to seriously step it up in the coming months in order to reach that. My doctor told me not to try running or exercising for a week, which puts me on track to start back up tomorrow. I have to take it easy, though; I haven’t run in a week and don’t want to injure myself.

It’s the holiday weekend; you have to love when a holiday falls on a Friday, making the rare Friday-Sunday three-day weekend. Even better, lots of offices close at noon today, so you basically get a 3.5 day weekend! Weather looks perfect for us, though the east coast doesn’t look so good with Hurricane Arthur bearing down on them. Hope everyone stays safe and dry, and otherwise enjoys the weekend. My plans are to finally get out of the house and enjoy the weather! I hate sitting on my ass for too long. While I love resting and relaxing, I also get bored very easily and need to get out and do stuff. The concept of sitting still and not moving is bothersome to me. You gotta be enjoying yourself! Sometimes that’s just watching a movie, sometimes it’s running and sometimes it’s going to an event. Regardless what it is, just keep moving

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