Road To NYC: Marathon Training Week 1 Recap

Well this certainly didn’t get off to the start I had hoped for. This week marked the official start of training for the New York City Marathon, which is now a mere 17 weeks away. My lead-up to training hasn’t been as consistent as I’d like (is it ever, for anyone?), with me missing a week due to vacation, followed by three runs, followed by my wisdom teeth surgery. I had hoped to be in a strong position to start, but that just didn’t happen. In fact, by most accounts the first week was a disaster. My doctor wouldn’t let me run for a week after my surgery, meaning I would miss all of my mid-week runs. And jumping right into the week one long run wasn’t a good idea, especially coming off of a steady state of laying down.

NYCM Week 1

I was itching to go for a run once I started to feel better. By Friday, when I was finally in the clear, I couldn’t wait. And the weather was perfect: no humidity and morning temps in the 60s. Perfect, and very unusual for Memphis in July! I ran four near my half-marathon pace on Friday, and another four this morning at what I hope is closer to my marathon pace, though a bit quick. I’m aiming for 4:30, so 9:42/mile average is a bit much. Maybe I was just excited to get out there.

I also did no strength training, was coming off of a poor diet of milkshakes/pudding/soup, and had basically been a waste of space for a solid week. Not ideal marathon training conditions, to say the least. But it’s all I can do at this point. I’ll add in my cross training again next week, and will get more miles without going overboard. We’ve got a lake trip planned with some friends, so I need to do my long run on Friday before we leave. Otherwise it won’t get done; I’ll say I’ll run on vacation, but the end result is usually my running gear just taking up space.

Marathon Training Totals
Weekly Runs: 2
Weekly Miles: 8
Total Runs: 2
Total Miles: 8

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