Road to NYC: Marathon Training Recap Week 6

Wow. Memphis weather has been absolutely crazy this summer. It goes from being humid and hot, to relatively cool and pleasant, and back. Each week. It’s hard to compare efforts from one week to the next, because the weather and conditions are never the same. Last week was hot and humid; this coming week looks to be pretty nice until the weekend. Maybe all this weather diversity will help me in New York! With that, let’s get to the weekly recap…

NYCM Week 6

Monday. Following along with my yoga escapades from the previous week, I woke up and did the routine again, complete with some pushups and squats and ab work afterwords. It’s definitely relaxing and should help with my running over time.

Tuesday. My tempo run, typically at 10k pace. Due to heat and humidity that morning (i.e. already in the 70s), it was nearly two minutes slower than I usually do that run. I know we’re supposed to adjust our expectations and efforts when running in humid conditions, but damn. Two minutes over four miles is kind of crazy to me. That’s 30 seconds per mile!

Wednesday. Oof. Again, horrible run due to the conditions. It got so bad and I was feeling so crappy, I actually walked a bit of it. I don’t think I’ve walked part of a run that short in a long, long time. This yo-yo weather is killing me.

Thursday. Hill repeats! Up and down, six total times, each uphill portion lasting around 80-85 seconds. The hill I use gets steeper the higher up you go, which is good because it’s fairly short (maybe 0.2 miles). It helps to get the legs pumping more and the lungs to work harder. I’ll never enjoy these, but they should pay off on the bridges of NYC.

Saturday. Luckily, it was a step-back week and I only had to do nine miles. Unluckily, it was 77 degrees with 97% humidity. Don't believe me?


The run itself was fine. I kept it slower than normal on purpose, aiming for 10:30/mile rather than 10/mile. It was so humid my shirt was drenched with sweat within a mile. I experimented with Cliff Shot Blocks this time, they seemed to work pretty well. I also inhaled my water, which doesn’t bode well for running longer than this without stopping in the future.

After the runs and the resting, it was time for food. We decided to venture out of downtown and hit up a place we hadn’t been yet: Bayou. They serve traditional brunch stuff, but with a Cajun flare. We both ordered the macmosa (basically a giant mimosa) and benedicts: she with the artichoke, me with the Cajun. Delicious!


We headed to the local running store, Breakaway Running, so she could pick up some new shoes and socks. We also picked up a few different flavors of Shot Blocks. We headed back to downtown to park the car and had some drinks with friends before venturing out to find a burger. We ended up sitting in the park at the bottom of Beale Street and watching a gorgeous sunset. We capped the night off with some ice cream and promptly passed out from exhaustion.


Marathon Training Totals
Weekly Runs: 4
Weekly Miles: 23
Total Runs: 21
Total Miles: 119

And with that, another week has begun! Thanks for reading!

2 thoughts on “Road to NYC: Marathon Training Recap Week 6

  1. Summer has been crazy all over the place.
    I’m grateful though, here in Seville, it gets really hot, at night you’d be lucky if it goes under 90. This year however, we didn’t reach 90 in the middle of the day a single day in July. Which is great because I suck when it comes to working out in the heat.
    That food looks delicious and I should stop staring at it because I’m really hungry.
    Have a good day!

    • Totally agree! I just hope that the mild summer doesn’t mean a terrible, snowy, cold winter. I can handle running in the cold to an extent, but not too much

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