Road to NYC: Marathon Training Week 7 Recap

Once again, weather dictates everything when it comes to my training for the 2014 NYC Marathon. I knew this week would be an issue due to the volume I was looking at. In addition to my normal mileage, I had a 5k on Sunday to do (more on that later). Normally I’d try to combine my long run with the race, but with a 14 mile long run and a 3.1 mile race, it just didn’t fit. This meant I was looking at a pretty decent jump in mileage from last week, going from 25 to 31. Not ideal, but I managed it ok. With that, let’s get to the recap!

NYCM Week 7

Monday. Cross training on my bike. I woke up a bit later than I would have liked, so I only spent 30 minutes. I kept a decent cadence the whole time, averaging 18MPH. I know, I know. Speed on a trainer means nothing. But I felt it was a good effort, and I need to get used to spinning faster in order to improve my bike fitness. I have big goals, and the bike is a key component of that. I really need to ride more!

Tuesday. My 4 mile run at 10k pace. If you look at last week, you can see I ran this more than a minute faster. It’s all due to the weather. Low humidity and temps in the 60s sure is better than high humidity and hot. This distance will get picked up shortly, as I’ve been running 4 miles at this pace for quite awhile.

Wednesday. A jump up in distance on my medium-distance run, up to 7 miles. This is done at half marathon pace, roughly 9/mile. It felt really good and I could have kept going. Again, the weather REALLY matters during these runs.

Thursday. Normally, this would be my speed workout, but with my 5k on Sunday I decided to take it very easy. Just a quick, easy effort for three miles.

Saturday. Friday night, we – along with the entirety of downtown Memphis – lost power due to an underground explosion. There were reports of manhole covers blowing up into the air. It went out around 8:30 and the temperatures quickly climbed in our apartment. At 11:30, I got a call from a friend who was locked out. At 12:30, R got a call from some friends who were lost in the building looking for the stairs. At 2AM, the power came back on and woke us up. At 4:30AM on Saturday, our alarms went off and it was time to knock out 14 miles. Not exactly an ideal start, eh? But surprisingly, I felt pretty strong. I kept the pace nice and easy during the first half, then picked it up in the last few miles and ended up with a decent negative split.

14 Miler

After that, we rested for a bit then headed over to pick up our packets for the next day’s race. We stopped at the new taco place and devoured three orders of the little guys: puller pork, steak tips and pork belly. They were friggin’ delicious. The rest of the day was spent on the couch resting up and rehydrating. It was getting hot and humid, and we knew the race would be interesting.

Sunday. The 5th annual Breakaway-Bardog 5k, a race to support St. Jude and part of the Bardog anniversary party. It’s always a fun race with the best postrace party ever. I had set two PRs the first two years I ran it (24:34 is still my best); last year, I had run a half marathon the day before so I wasn’t at my best. This year, I knew it would be hard to set a PR, but I went out as best I could. I ended up with a 25:48, good for 24th/81 in my AG and 180/1042 overall. I’ll take it, given the circumstances. It was a sauna out there! Afterwards we enjoyed catching up some with some friends, a few refreshing beers and some sliders. We called it a day and headed home, forgoing the rest of the alley party.

A fun weekend filled with running stuff. The heat is returning again this week, coming back with a vengeance. High 90s, heat indices over 100 and high humidity. This should be fun.

Marathon Training Totals
Weekly Runs: 4
Weekly Miles: 31
Total Runs: 25
Total Miles: 150

2 thoughts on “Road to NYC: Marathon Training Week 7 Recap

  1. Nice steady pace on those 14 miles.
    I often gotta go out as early (but not 4:30 early) as I can for my long workouts, it gets really hot and humid early morning here. But the earlier you start the more mosquitoes you eat, proteins are good right?
    25:48 after 14 miles isn’t bad at all.

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