Road to NYC: Marathon Training Week 10 Recap

Back on track!

If there was a theme for this week, it would be about getting back on track. I had just come off of two disastrous weeks of training, missing several runs and bonking hard on others. I really needed a solid week of training to get my confidence and drive back. And I’m happy to say, I accomplished that main objective. Was every run perfect? Far from it. I still struggled at the end of my long run, despite going out easy and being well hydrated. But the fact that I did all four runs and hit my target mileage for the week says a lot. We’re in crunch time, eight weeks left before the marathon and there’s no time to slack off now.

NYCM Week 10

Tuesday. Five miles, felt good to be back out there after a fairly glutton-esque weekend. As has been the case, the midweek had the worst weather, with high heat and humidity. Is fall ever coming?

Wednesday. Eight miles. I always feel a bit off during my Wednesday semi-long runs. They peak at 10, so not much more to do. It’s just hard to get these done before heading off to work. I did manage to meet up with some friends that evening for Saved By The Bell trivia. I’m proud to say that Johnny Dakota’s Fan Club came in third place overall. Nice work team!

Thursday. Four miles, nice and easy once again. Decided against speed work as this week had a decent jump in mileage and I didn’t want to burn out before Saturday’s long run.

Saturday. 17 miles. Weather forecast said decent humidity, clouds and a 10MPH wind. What we got instead was high humidity, not a cloud in the sky and zero wind. Naturally, around 4PM the weather changed to the original forecast and was relatively pleasant the rest of the day. Didn’t help much. I was well hydrated and fueled, though. I stopped at home after 9.5 miles to refill my water (something I rarely do), I had an entire pack of Clif Shot Blocks that I strategically took every so often, and I took a walk break every three miles. This really helped keep me going without feeling too tired to finish. By the end, however, the heat had done a number on me and I had drank all of my water. I actually ran UP a hill just because I knew there would be shade on that path. While my miles were fairly consistent outside the walk breaks, my last two miles had a bit more walking than scheduled. Either way, I still managed to finish without totally crapping out on it.

Marathon Training Totals
Weekly Runs: 4
Weekly Miles: 34
Total Runs: 35
Total Miles: 222

1 thought on “Road to NYC: Marathon Training Week 10 Recap

  1. It’s all about getting it done.
    Humidity is really bad, here temperatures are going down, I don’t think we’ll be getting over 100 again, but humidity is still high, gotta keep drinking.

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