Road to NYC: Marathon Training Week 11 Recap

Last week, the official TCS NYC Marathon Facebook page held a Q&A chat, where people could ask questions and get advice on the race, now just 47 days away (holy crap). There were questions about the correct transportation choice, how to get to the ferry terminal, whether this race would interfere with another planned race, etc. One thing that struck me was just how difficult it seems to be to stick to a training plan. There were several people asking if their longest long run would be long enough. People struggling to get halfway. That scares me. I’ve always been worried about getting injured and not being able to complete the race, or even start it (DFL > DNF > DNS). Last year for the MCM, R was struggling a bit, so I shut her down for the whole taper period, thinking she was just overtrained and needed the rest. It worked out, so I’m hopeful that an easy training schedule will get those people across the finish line as well.

My training week was pretty good. I felt strong during my runs, though I took it easy during the week. Saturday was something magical…

NYCM Week 11

Tuesday. Five easy miles. Nothing special here, just a typical hot and humid morning run.

Wednesday. Eight miles, easy pace. Gee, will the weather EVER cool down or provide some rain?

Thursday. YUP. Thursday morning we awoke to a torrential downpour throughout the tri-state area (TN, MS and AR). After it was all over, more than 7 inches of rain fell that day. Businesses and schools closed early. There was massive flooding and lots of damage. There was even a dramatic rescue caught on camera. I have a buddy that works in Horn Lake, MS, and his office closed Thursday just in time for everyone to get out before it flooded, and the office is STILL closed. Needless to say, I did not run and missed my five miler.

Saturday. Cooler weather usually follows a rainy period. Saturday morning it was in the mid-50s (quite a shock, coming from early morning temps around 80) and complete cloud cover. It even rained a bit. Taking my own advice to break down the 18 miles, I did one loop of six, went to the end of the island and back for another six, then completed a second loop for my final 18. My pace got quicker towards the end, so I felt pretty good. Until I stopped. Then my back seized up and it was a miserable walk back to my apartment. It wasn’t anything I did, just the cold weather.

The rest of the day was spent recovering with a long, hot shower, coffee, food and football. Pretty much a good Saturday in my book.

Marathon Training Totals
Weekly Runs: 3
Weekly Miles: 31
Total Runs: 38
Total Miles: 253

1 thought on “Road to NYC: Marathon Training Week 11 Recap

  1. Sounds like a good wee to me.
    Following a workout plan is really hard, specially when you miss a day and you feel like you have to make up, but you shouldn’t because then it messes up the rest of the plan. Can be messy lol

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