Road to NYC: Marathon Training Week 13 Recap

Pretty glad I took off last week for my anniversary trip. I was able to wake up each morning last week and get all four runs in, hitting (basically) my mileage goal and feeling pretty confident. We are getting very close to race day, and now is not the time to push it too hard and get injured. That’s always been a fear of mine leading up to peak weak. Don’t be stupid, don’t push too hard, don’t ignore your body and break your leg or something. You’ve come too far to not be able to run. Just keep going and you’ll get there.

Tuesday. Five miles, all in the dark. Weather is becoming less of a problem, but light sure is. No longer can I start running at 5:45AM and not need street lights to guide my path. Sunrise doesn’t start until later and later now.

Wednesday. Nine miles. I basically broke this up into three miles at 10:30 pace, three miles at 10 pace and three miles at 9:30 pace. Felt pretty good. I dealt with the dark by sleeping in and going to work a bit late. Not sure I can get away with that this week though.

Thursday. Another five miles. Nothing special.

Saturday. 18.3 miles out of my scheduled 19. I broke it down like this: My normal six mile loop, the six mile loop to the island and back, and then the final seven miles. I took quick walk breaks to get some chews every three miles. Much like the 18-miler from two weekends ago, I kept things nice and easy (mid to low 11s) for the first 12 or so miles, then picked it up. And everything felt awesome for the first 15. Miles 16 and 17 were at a mid-10 pace, but I could feel myself fading under the direct sunlight. I went to take a walk break at 17, and just couldn’t get going again. I would try, but my feet just didn’t want to cooperate. I ended up walking along the river back to the park to find R, and we walked back to the apartment together. My last 1.3 miles was at a walking pace, but I’m fine with it. I know I’ll finish and I know that NYC won’t be as hot as Memphis can be.

It’s a step-back week this week, followed by peak week. Not looking forward to that, though I am ready to get this thing over with. I’m at the point in training where you are tired and sore. Everything hurts and you just want it to be over. And soon enough, I’ll be toeing the line on Staten Island, ready to cross the bridge and hammer this race home. And I better see a four as the first number on my finishing time!

Marathon Training Totals
Weekly Runs: 4
Weekly Miles: 37
Total Runs: 44
Total Miles: 303

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