Road to NYC: Marathon Training Week 15 Recap

Peak Week Is Over!

ice bath

Holy crap. Peak week is over, and I am now tapering. I can’t believe we are here, just under three weeks from Marathon Sunday. Peak week called for 40 total miles: 5/10/5/20. Last year during this week, I quit after 18 miles, blaming it on the heat and humidity that day (it was REALLY warm out, I swear!) This time, I was determined to finish 100% of my runs. That determination ended on Wednesday. Oops.

I don’t know what was wrong with me, but I just didn’t have it on Wednesday for my 10 mile run. This is the longest mid-week run on the plan, and I had a 9AM meeting at work, so I knew it was going to be stressful. For some reason, after about five miles my body wanted to quit and started revolting. I felt physically sick and couldn’t maintain 10:00/mile pace. I stopped after nine miles, and Ro said I looked very sick when I got back. I just sat on the floor for awhile, drinking some Gatorade but not feeling all that awesome.

I ended up skipping Thursday’s five miler as well, since I still wasn’t 100% and wanted to rest up for the long run on Saturday. Saturday morning, the weather looked very iffy. It would be cool and overcast the whole day, and thunderstorms and rain starting Friday evening into Saturday. At 5AM when the alarm went off, it was pouring out. 6AM, still pouring. At 7, it was still raining but we finally got out of bed (yes, I snoozed for two hours). We ate and did our normal thing, and by 8:30 knew we had to get out there or risk finishing after dark. The run itself actually went pretty well. I did my normal stop-every-three-miles to eat and drink, utilizing big loops around the park. I also brought a bottle of Gatorade that I stashed behind a bench. Every time I went by that bench, I stopped and had some. I think this worked out fantastically well. Normally I have to run by my apartment, pause my Garmin, wait for the elevator, get to my apartment, drink, then go back down outside and continue running.

The first 15 miles went by quickly and painlessly enough. Mile 18 I was feeling tired, but figured two more miles was nothing. Mile 19 came and I got the worst side stitch I have ever had in my life. I was physically in so much pain that I was doubled-over and making strange noises. I slowly walked until it started going away, which it did after about half a mile. I started running again but I was spent. Final mile: 15 minutes. Average across 20 miles: 11:22/mile. Right on target for sub-five hours.

NYCM Week 15

Tuesday. 5 miles
Wednesday. 9 miles
Thursday. Oops
Saturday. 20 miles!

And with that, I am officially in Tapertown. A nice and easy two weeks of running, with long runs of 12 and 8 miles. Then it’s off to NYC for the marathon/my birthday/vacation. Can’t wait!

Marathon Training Totals
Weekly Runs: 3
Weekly Miles: 34
Total Runs: 50
Total Miles: 368

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