Already Better Than I Was

Sorry about the delay in posting the past week’s NYC Marathon training recap. I have a bad habit of forgetting to publish my posts. I really gotta do a better job of that.

Old Bridge Mississippi River

As promised, a pic of my evening runs along the bluff, looking south towards the Old Bridge across the Mississippi River.

After my run last night, I decided to check out my stats so far for 2014. In 2013, while training for the Marine Corps Marathon and a few 5ks, I ran a total of 725 miles. It was short of my goal of 1k miles (which I’ll get to one of these years!), but still almost 200 more miles than I had ever run in a year before: 2012 was 300+ and 2011 was 500+. I wondered how I would match up at this point.

2014 Stats to Date

I was pretty surprised to see that I’m already over my total from 2013 in terms of mileage. Additionally, I’ve run faster and longer in a shorter number of runs. I haven’t worn my HRM since June, so I’m not sure how I actually compare; it was chafing me something fierce, so I stopped wearing it for awhile and just haven’t gone back to it. About the only thing 2013 has over 2014 is elevation gain, which is silly considering it’s Memphis, and there is NO elevation gain to speak of. I did a lot of my long runs at Shelby Farms Park, which has a bit more hills than running along the river. The low 2014 numbers reflect that all but a very few runs have taken place along the river. I try and get hill work in when I can, but it’s hard.

I’m going to fall short of my goal to run 1000 miles in a year, I believe. Between tapering now, running the marathon, recovering, then a quick ramp up for St. Jude half and then Christmas time. I figure at best I’ll finish up at NYC with around 780 miles, give or take a few. I just don’t see 220 more miles in me for 2014. But there’s always next year!

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