Road to NYC: Marathon Training Week 17 Recap

Should have kept going

The moral of the story this week was don’t stop, don’t be lazy. Rather than follow my plan, I felt sleeping in and not running much was a good idea. I ran Tuesday and Wednesday, but skipped Thursday and my weekend run. Sure, getting rest the week before the marathon is important, but I think I took it to the extreme. Seven miles in one week just isn’t enough. Oops!

But I had a lot of fun this weekend! Friday night was a Halloween party, one of the best parties of the year in my opinion. The hosts go all out with food, decorations and jello shots; it takes place in a former brothel-turned-dive bar; proceeds go to charity. All in all, a great event. Myself and two friends dressed up as the Beastie Boys. Let’s just say that when the DJ put on “No Sleep Til Brooklyn” everyone went nuts. We brought the house down.

beastie boys

Ended up staying out until 3AM. Ouch. Saturday we had a baby shower for a good friend of ours. Rather than your typical, staid shower in someone’s living room, we did it Downtown Style. Games, prizes and lots of fun. There was Pin The Sperm On The Egg, baby bottle chugging and speed diaper wrapping. I won the baby word scramble and got a $25 gift card to one of my favorite gastropubs. Thanks Sap!

shower cake

Here’s a pic of me doing the baby bottle chug. I am trying very hard to keep it together and not vomit. I was in no shape to be drinking again.

bottle chug

After that, we all hung out for the rest of the night, watching football. That worked out poorly for some (sorry Ole Miss fans!) and good for others (yay Buckeyes!). Home at 11, where I promptly slept until…..Monday. Not really, but I didn’t really get out of bed on Sunday.

NYCM Week 17

Tuesday. 4 miles
Wednesday. 3 miles
Thursday. Oops
Weekend. Oops

This last week is officially marathon week! Very excited and nervous. All of my posts this week will be dedicated to marathon prep, logistics and training thoughts.

Marathon Training Totals
Weekly Runs: 2
Weekly Miles: 7
Total Runs: 55
Total Miles: 391

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