Race Recap: 2014 NYC Marathon – Part 1

To say this race did not go as planned would be an understatement. It went about as poorly as it could, while still actually finishing. The short of it is I started out too fast (mistake #1), I messed up my nutrition (mistake #2), I ignored my race strategy (mistake #3) and I let myself get down on myself (mistake #4). All of that added up to a very long day on the streets of New York. Final time: 5:12:41.

In an effort to keep things readable, I’ll break it up into two posts. But let’s go back to the beginning…

Packet Pickup and Expo
We arrived into New York early Friday morning, having opted for the 6AM flight out of Memphis. We did this so that we could pick up our packets on Friday and avoid the Saturday crowds that I had heard so much about. After checking in to our hotel near Times Square, we walked to where the free shuttle bus was and ran into a few other marathoners. A short bus ride later and we were dropped off at the Javits Center. And then we saw the line. A very, very long line.

NYC Marathon Expo Line

The line!

That’s the back of the line. You had to walk all the way to the entrance, but keep going, turn down the hill, go down the hill, turn back UP the hill, and then finally back to the entrance and in. And why was the line so long? No idea. There was no security check to get in. IDs were checked at bib pickup, and there were no lines there either. Not sure why they left the lines outside get so long, but whatever. Packet pickup itself went quick, as did T-shirts. Though, the shirts were pretty big. I got a medium and it fits like a large.

After walking around a bit and spending way too much money at the Asics NYC Marathon store, we decided to walk around the Chelsea neighborhood a bit. We walked over the High Line and thought it was very nice.

High Line NYC

Yes, it was very grey that day

We swung by a pub to get some food, then went back to the hotel to drop our stuff off. We spent Friday night walking around and doing some bar hopping. It was Halloween so there was some excellent people watching to do. I feel sorry for the ladies that wore sexy [insert costume] because it was very cold out!

Saturday it rained all day long. We hit up Brunch at TSQ, walked around Rock Center a bit, got some necessities for Sunday (i.e. Gatorade, water, etc.) and headed back to rest up. Our choice for dinner that night, La Masseria, was amazing. We wished we could eat whatever we wanted, rather than stick to basics. Our pasta was delicious and the service was perfect. We would definitely go again.

Rain, Rain, Go Away!

Rain, Rain, Go Away!

We headed back to the hotel and set up our kits. It was at this point that nerves started to settle in. Were we really about to do this? We were going to head to Staten Island in the early morning to run the NYC Marathon with 50k of our newest friends. With the kit all set up, it was time to try and get some sleep.

My kit all ready to go!

My kit all ready to go!

Coming up next: The Race and the Aftermath!

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