Random Running and Turkey Trotting

My self-imposed exile from posting is over. After recapping the NYC Marathon, I needed some time to rest and relax, and not write. I hung out with friends, I partied (probably way more than I should), I slept in (probably more than I should) and I bought a new car (probably more than I should).

I did successfully cook a Thanksgiving turkey, complete with stuffing (or dressing in the South, since you don’t cook it stuffed inside the bird). I managed to not kill anyone, and it tasted pretty delicious, so I’m calling it a success. It was nowhere as delicious as my friend’s deep-fried turkey, but still very yummy. I may need to try the deep-fried version when I’m home for Christmas.

As far as running…oof. I took two weeks off from running completely. Since then, I’ve ran only a handful of times. Three miles here, three miles there, a six mile run two weeks ago on Saturday. On Thanksgiving morning, I “ran” the four mile Turkey Trot in town, though my pace was pretty slow for the distance. I was about a minute/mile slower than normal. But oh well, it was cold and I was hungover.

Of course, such sporadic running is not good preparation for a half marathon. That’s right, I have a half marathon coming up this Saturday. It’s the St. Jude Memphis Half Marathon, and it starts literally right outside my front door. I’ve signed up for this four times now. I skipped the full in 2011 because I was injured. I ran the half in 2012 in 2:12. I was scheduled to run the half again in 2013, but it was cancelled due to weather (Memphis can’t handle 9 degrees and ice). Not that I was too broken up about that, I was exhausted from MCM. But at least that time I was more prepared than I am now. Two 3-milers, a 4-miler and a 6-miler over a month do not exactly constitute proper training.

My goal will be to finish in one piece. No time goals, though obviously I’ll try to keep it closer to two hours than three. But I’ll just enjoy it, try and take in some of the scenery, and finish up my eighth race of the year (a 5k, 4 miler, a 5 miler, a 10k, two half marathons, a full marathon and a sprint triathlon). Not too shabby for a year.

Keep your laces tight and your spirits high!

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