Running a race with no training? Why not!


Well, this should be fun. Tomorrow morning I will toe the line for the St. Jude Memphis Marathon half marathon. It’s an excellent race, one that I did in 2012. It benefits St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital, which is a very worthy cause. St. Jude caters to families that have a child battling cancer. Families are never asked to pay anything, and the hospital survives on donations and grants. You are hard pressed to find anyone in this community that doesn’t support St. Jude in some way.

As for running, this will be rough. Since New York, I have run four times, for a grand total of 16 miles (longest run: 6.1). I haven’t kept a good diet, I haven’t been hydrating, and I haven’t been training. I’ll still see what I can do, but I expect to be closer to 2:30 than 2 hours. And to be in some pain around the nine mile mark. But it’s for charity, so it’s worth it.

I’ve had a long history with this race. Back in 2011, I registered for the full and it was going to be my first at that distance. Instead, at the beginning of November my knee started hurting, so I backed out. I ran the half in 2012. I was scheduled to run the half again in 2013, but bad weather forced it to be cancelled. Tomorrow the weather looks perfect: mid to low 50s, overcast and no precipitation.

I don’t have a time goal here. I’ll start around the 10:30 pace group and stick there for awhile. If I feel good, maybe I’ll try to move up. Otherwise, I’ll just keep it nice and easy, take in the signs and cheers, and relax. No pressure on this one.

Feel free to track along if you’d like!

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