When Your Training Gets Derailed Before It Begins


Oof. Tuesday morning I went for a run on the treadmill and did some ab work, then walked back across the street to clean up, eat and get ready for work. While putting away my dishes, I managed to tweak something in my neck/shoulders area. I wasn’t lifting anything heavier than a plate, so I have no idea what caused it, but it hurt. And it hurt to move my head from side to side, or twist, or lift my arms, or do anything. Even driving hurt!

Normally this would be an annoyance and I’d deal with it, but right now this isn’t good. I’m trying to get back into my workout routine, swimming and biking and running and lifting again. I ran last Saturday, biked last Sunday, ran on Tuesday. I was scheduled to bike again Tuesday evening. Didn’t happen. I was scheduled to run Wednesday morning. Didn’t happen. Planned to lift Wednesday. Didn’t happen. My run Thursday morning? Nope, didn’t happen. Another bike session after work? Nada.

When you’re trying to get back into a routine, the worst thing that can happen is to break it before it even begins. I mean, I know I shouldn’t run, and I couldn’t lift without further injuring myself. But it still sucks a lot. I was really looking forward to getting back into it, work towards my goals for the year and nail my half marathon in April. I now have this feeling of dread, like I’ve been sick for the first week of classes and I will forever be playing catchup.

There’s really not much I can do about the situation. I’m resting it, I’ve been putting warm wraps on it when I can, and I’ve been stretching it from side to side. It’s doing a lot better than it was before (the pain is now more in my shoulders than my neck), so at least I can drive without worrying about getting into an accident.

I still have no idea what happened. Google-fu says it’s most likely a strain from overexertion…or a tumor (gotta love Wedmd.com). I’m really hoping that I can run and bike this weekend and get things back on track!

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