Monday Musings: Weekly Training Update

Ah, Monday. The start of a new week. The longest amount of time before you can sleep in again and not have to go to work. Here is what I did over the past week:

My Weekly Workouts

My Weekly Workouts

Monday. I did nothing, but probably burned 2k calories just by being nervous. It was the NCAA College Football Playoff National Championship, and my beloved Ohio State Buckeyes were taking on the offensive juggernaut known as the Oregon Ducks. Despite turning it over four times, the Buckeyes cruised to an upset victory, 42-20, and won the first championship since 2002. I was nervous the entire time, and refused to accept any texts until the game was finally over. And I ate an entire DiGiorno pizza by myself.

Tuesday. Recovered from the title game, did grocery shopping and realized that my first half is 13 weeks away. Time to get crackin’!

Wednesday. Speed day. I did 4×800 on the treadmill at increasing pace for each interval. With warm-up and cool-down, I did 4 miles. Definitely want to focus on speed work this year.

Thursday. Slept through my alarm, so this was a post-work workout. I did a 30 minute tempo run, starting with 10 minutes of 6.7MPH, and increasing every few minutes by 0.3MPH until I topped out at 8.5MPH, then another 10 minutes at 6.7. All in all, 3.48 miles. I then did some strength training with the free weights.

Friday. I meant to ride the trainer, but slept in. We did go out to dinner at one of our favorite places. The shrimp and grits were lovely as always. Then we stopped into a little bistro for a drink before heading home.

Saturday. It was 50 degrees and sunny out, perfect weather for a nice run outside! I ran for 50 minutes at whatever pace felt comfortable, finishing with 5.38 miles at 9:18/mile pace. Not too bad for my first run outside since December! Got cleaned up, then met some friends out for dinner and drinks.

First outside run of the year, perfect weather!

First outside run of the year, perfect weather!

Sunday. I was a bit too tired and not feeling great after one too many beers out with friends. Ended up on the couch all day, watching TV and football. The end of the Seahawks-Packers game was ridiculous!

Here’s to a fresh week, full of great miles and great rides!

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