Tuesday Twofer

Welcome to Tuesday Twofer, where I give two quick updates.

1. Ever notice how pace on a treadmill seems so much more difficult than matching the same pace outside, but the effort level outside is harder than the treadmill? I know that sounds like two competing statements, but I mean it’s harder to get to, say, a sub-9:00/mile pace on the treadmill, you feel like your legs are flying. On the other hand, running outside is just harder in general…feels like more effort to take a step. Such are the things you think about on the treadmill.

A nice 4 miles

A nice 4 miles

This is a good example. I felt it was so hard to keep it under 9:00/mile, while I do it regularly outside. Funny how that all works, eh?

2. I officially started the training cycle for my first half marathon of 2015, and my first attempt at sub-2 hours again. My race (to be announced soon!) is on April 12th, so I have about 12 weeks to go. I am pretty far behind my January 2014 running totals, so I already feel a bit behind the gun. This race is one of my two tentpoles for the year, and it’s one I’ve never done so I’m pretty pumped about it.

My plan for this is to follow a modified Hal Higdon plan, the Intermediate. I’ll run either four or five days per week, while cycling at least twice and doing strength training twice. It’s pretty ambitious; I usually just focus on one sport at a time. But I have cycling goals for this year too, so I need to keep going there. And strength training is too important to ignore, so I’m keeping that.

Thanks for reading!

2 thoughts on “Tuesday Twofer

    • Haha I know, but I have an aversion to running in the dark in the city. For some reason it just scares me too much in the winter. And the terrain is flat, so it’s good for hill work

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