Thursday Musings


Good evening everybody! Today started off rocky, but improved thanks to food.

Workout-wise, it was a double. In the morning, I headed down to my apartment’s gym and did a strength session. Mostly dumbbell exercises and some stuff I had found on the internet. I really need to head over to the YMCA and get a new entry card. My old one is pretty much falling apart and they were having trouble scanning it the last time I went.

After I was done, I went back upstairs, had a protein shake and started to cook breakfast. I was making my usual: eggs and turkey sausage with toast. Except we didn’t have enough bread to also make a sandwich for lunch. As I was cooking my eggs, I went to put a dash of salt on them, and instead the spout was open and salt dumped everywhere! My eggs were ruined! I didn’t have time to make more, so my entire breakfast consisted of a single patty of turkey sausage. Not ideal.

Anyways, for my second workout I headed back to the gym and ran 4 easy miles. This is the first time in a long time I’ve ran three days in a row. Probably since training for NYC last fall. My legs are a bit tired, but that’s too be expected. I’m still behind my pace from last year, but my runs feel stronger. I’m purposely running faster during these “easy” runs in order to get used to my legs moving that fast. To run a race fast, you gotta train fast sometimes too.

My day improved dramatically with food. Tonight is turkey chili night! I keep it simple. Onion, garlic, ground turkey, diced tomatoes and light red kidney beans. It tastes delicious, and it’s nearly a perfect 40/40/20 split of protein/carbs/fat. And each bowl is under 400 calories. An entire batch gives me 8 servings, so we’ve got leftovers for lunch and then some to freeze. I love simple, healthy, delicious meals.

And when I don’t do anything to my hair after I’m done working out, this is what happens:



Pretty awesome, eh?

This week is shaping up pretty nicely with my workouts. Let’s just hope I can keep up the momentum. The beach will be here before I know it…

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