And The Week Is Over


Today was a bear. My quads were hurting after my two workouts yesterday, so I decided to take a rest day and relax a bit. I had meetings from 8AM-noon and another in the afternoon, so after work I was exhausted. We don’t get MLK Day off down here, so it was a full week. After work, Ro and I headed to Tamp & Tap, an awesome coffee shop in the building next door. A mocha and an English toffee biscotti, and I was right as rain.

And all is right with the world

And all is right with the world

It was time for dinner, and I was ready for shrimp and rice with creole seasoning. Small shrimp, brown rice with carrots and peas. Easy to cook, healthy and absolutely delicious.



One thing I’ve learned as I track what I eat is that it is damn hard to get the amount of protein I should, without going way over in carbs or fat. If nothing else, this exercise is making me more conscious of what I eat, and how eating out at restaurants can be dangerous. For example, I make a sandwich at home and it’s about 350 calories. I have a sandwich at a local chain here, and it’s close to 1000. Gotta watch out!

Anyway, it’s movie time and then rest for my long run tomorrow. Have a good one!

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