Monday Musings: Weekly Training Update

Ah, Monday. The start of a new week. The longest amount of time before you can sleep in again and not have to go to work. Here is what I did over the past week:

Fairly successful week

Fairly successful week

Monday. I did a solid hour on the trainer, cycling away to my heart’s content. Actually, it was the first structured workout from my Trainer Road plan to build my cycling capabilities. Using the virtual power numbers from my FTP Test, I realized just how much I sandbagged that session. This felt very, very easy, and I barely broke a sweat over the hour. I’ll keep doing it, if nothing else just to get some saddle time, but I may need to redo that test if everything feels this effortless.

Tuesday. Four easy miles on the treadmill, 6.8MPH or around 8:52/mile pace. I’d like to keep things in this range and get used to moving this fast. Of course, treadmill running is fake, so who knows if I am actually that fast (spoiler alert: I am not).

Wednesday. A lovely little hill workout. I started with 10 minutes of warm up, then I would do 2 minutes at 3% incline, back to 1% for a minute rest, then up another %, repeating through to 6% before starting back down at 5%. I finished it off with 10 minutes of cool down and covered 4.5 treadmill miles. My quads were definitely screaming at 5% and 6% incline, but my first half of the year is a bit hilly so I have to get used to it.

Thursday. Ah, my first two-a-day of 2015. I did a strength training session at my apartment gym, working with dumbells on my chest, arms, back and core. After work, I went back and ran for another four miles, though I kicked the pace up for the final mile and finished overall with an 8:30/mile pace. I would LOVE to hold that pace for a marathon! But, four miles is good enough for now.

Friday. Slept through my alarm again and missed my workout. I really need to get better at waking up Monday and Friday mornings. I am fine any other morning but those two.

Saturday. Long run day. I went out and did 60 minutes, covering 6.3 miles in total for a 9:31/mile pace. A bit slower than last week, but I had done more volume and worked out my legs, so I think that had an impact. I was definitely getting very tired at the end!

Tried to be artistic, but the shadow ruined it

Tried to be artistic, but the shadow ruined it

After the run, we got cleaned up and headed to wash my car. This turned out to be an epic fail, as a) the car wash place didn’t have a brush, so I basically put soap on and then rinsed it off, without doing any actually cleaning; b) didn’t bring enough towels, and the terry clothes available did nothing to actually dry the car off; c) the vinyl cleaning wipes I bought were very dry and have left spots all over my interior. Seriously, my car looks ten times worse than before I “washed” it. Time to take it to someone.

We also swung by Pyros for some pizza before heading home and napping. Sunday we made pancakes from scratch, with some turkey sausage patties. Very yum!

I love pancakes

I love pancakes

Here’s to a fresh week, full of great miles and great rides!

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