So What Race Am I Training For?

Happy Sunday! Yesterday I got in a great run, and then went to a friend’s wedding. There was much dancing and revelry.

My training plan called for a 5k time trial run. My McMillan pace was 8:12, which I’ve hit before but not for awhile. My plan was to run to Mud Island, about a mile and a half away, do my 5k on the Mississippi River Greenbelt path (which is flat and devoid of cars). My cool-down would be running back from the island. So how did I do?

Screen Shot 2015-02-08 at 3.05.47 PM

In short: I nailed it! My 5k pace was 8:08/mile, which was perfect. I felt pretty winded at the end, but I was happy with my effort. Odd thing I noticed: I started at one end of the path, ran to the end, turned around and ran right back to my starting point. Not quite sure how my elevation gain/loss numbers are different, considering it is the exact same path. Odd.

After resting for a minute or two, I headed back over the bridge and up the street back to my apartment. My pace was noticeably slower here, as it’s entirely uphill and the bridge is kind of a killer. I also didn’t run around the block and back to my apartment, which is why it was a shorter distance back then out. When I got home, I made a shake and relaxed for a bit, before getting ready for the wedding.

So, what race am I training for? On April 12th, I’ll run the Go! St. Louis half marathon. I’ve never ran it before, and I’ve never done a race in Missouri, so I’m looking forward to it. Ro is running it too, as is another friend of ours, so we’re making a weekend out of it. Head up Friday and get our packets, then be tourists on Saturday and enjoy the city. Do the race, get cleaned up and then drive back to Memphis on Sunday. It should be a fun little weekend, and I’m looking forward to exploring St. Louis a bit. I’ve only been once, for a few hours at a wedding. I left immediately after the reception and drove back. This time I’ll have a full day to go to the Annheiser-Busch brewery and take the tour, see the Arch, etc.

In the lead-up, I probably will run a local 10k that starts and finishes at my front door. I ran it last year when it was in early February, but this year they moved it to mid-March. I remember it being absolutely freezing last year, like 19 degrees. Mid-March should be a tad warmer than that.

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