Monday Musings: Weekly Training Recap

The Walking Dead has returned! Love it. Sundays just have way too much good TV. And Better Call Saul was amazing, so good to be back in the Breaking Bad world, albeit several years before Walter White became Heisenberg.

So, how’d my training go?

Woo! Four days of running!

Woo! Four days of running!

Tuesday. I busted out my usual four miles on the ‘mill. It’s probably about time I start increasing the distance to five miles. To hit my goal of 1000 miles, I need to average 20 MPW, so doing three weekdays of five miles makes it easy to do that.

After work, I hit up the Y to lift a bit. Holy crap was it busy. I thought the January Joiners would be good, but it was a madhouse. It took awhile before I could use the squat rack. Maybe I need to keep going in the mornings, and switch my runs to the afternoon.

Wednesday. 4×800. And I thought I would die. I was feeling very tired after running and lifting Tuesday, and I had to run to trivia right afterwards so I felt rushed. Good news: I didn’t die. Better news: my trivia team won! Woohoo! Don’t mess with me about 90s movies!

Thursday. Typical four miles again. I had to rely on all of my tricks to make it through this one, as I was exhausted from the week. I swear, it’s like I never have full energy throughout the week anymore.

Saturday. As I said yesterday, I did a 5k time trial as part of a six mile run. My pacing was pretty good, so I was happy with it. If only I could keep it up for another 7 miles!

Afterwards, we got dressed and went to a friend’s wedding. It was really nice, and we are very happy for them! It was great to celebrate with our friends and dance the night away.

And now, to a week of traveling…

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