Monday Musings: Weekly Training Recap

It is very cold outside. It is very icy outside. We got us a bit of a winter storm in Memphis, and so the whole city shut down. Everyone worked from home or had the day off, all schools were cancelled, etc.

Last week was pretty bad from a training perspective. Starting Tuesday early morning, my itinerary was MEM-IAH-LAX, LAX-DFW, DFW-IAH-MEM. I probably could have squeezed in one more run on Thursday, but when you’re on the road it’s very hard. I did manage one weekday run, and I ran on Saturday.

Screen Shot 2015-02-16 at 3.20.51 PM

Wednesday. I detailed my Santa Monica run in this post while on my trip. It was awesome, and I loved it and I wish I could do it again every single day. But alas, I’m back in Memphis now.

Saturday. I had 7 miles on the docket, so I headed across the bridge to Mud Island and back, with some more added on to complete the full seven. I wanted to try and negative split every mile, and for the most part I succeeded:

Sure is pretty

Sure is pretty

I started off nice and easy, made sure to stay consistent in the middle, and pick it up for the final mile. Sure, that 9:30/mile pace overall is a bit slower than I’d like (I would love to be right at or under 9/mile) it’s not bad considering the low amount of running I’ve done so far this year. I am quite a bit behind the pace for 1k miles, but I’m getting there. Once it warms up and I can run outside more, I can make it up.

This week the temperature will not get above freezing until Saturday…at which point it will be 35 degrees and raining. Not ideal conditions, eh? Hopefully during the week I can knock out some quality miles. It’s time to step up those midweek runs back to five miles each.

Happy Monday!

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