Five for Friday

Welcome to Friday! We made it!

1. The Lion King.

Hakuna matata!

Hakuna matata!

So excited for this! This is Ro’s Christmas gift, and we are both very excited to get to see it finally. It’s been in town for a few weeks now and lots of friends have gone to see it with rave reviews. The Lion King is my favorite of the 90s Disney movies, so I am pumped! The only thing that could throw a wrench in this is…

2. The weather.

THIS is bad weather??

THIS is bad weather??

As I’ve mentioned before, this week has not been a banner one for Memphis weather. Freezing rain, sleet and ice fell throughout Monday, causing schools to be closed the first half of the week. Road conditions were fine on Wednesday and Thursday, good enough to go to work. Another “winter storm” is happening right now, though, so schools were once again cancelled. My drive to work was fine; we seem to be in the Memphis Cone of Silence when it comes to weather. South and north of us is an icy mess, but we seem to be ok for now. Wednesday night’s performance of The Lion King was cancelled, so I’m a bit concerned. By tonight, it should just be raining.

3. Facebook’s mobile app.

OK, who designed this piece of crap? It seems every few days, the Most Recent setting gets moved to another position on the menu. First, why can’t my feed always be set to Most Recent? Why do I have to change it EVERY SINGLE TIME I OPEN THE APP? Further, why doesn’t is show me every update? Let me self-select what I want to read or skip, don’t choose for me. Annoying.

4. The weather part 2.

I know, I already talked about this, but I think everyone is totally over being cold and snowed in. From Boston down to the south, it has been absolutely ridiculous! We haven’t been above freezing in several days now, which is about 20 degrees below average. It’s cold, wet, icy and gray. And I hate it. It’s unmovitaving and uninspiring. It’s time for some sun and warmth!

5. New wallet!

I have been searching for a new wallet for months. I’ve been using an old, black leather bifold, but it’s not very stylish and I want something better. Everything seemed the same, until I saw an article in Slate about a different kind of wallet. I placed the order and hope to have it next week, so we shall see.

Happy Friday everyone! Have a good weekend!

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