Two for Tuesday

1. Not running. Oops, I missed my weekly long run last week. It was just too damn cold, too damn rainy and I was too damn tired to be bothered with it. We are still in the midst of our winter nightmare, with more snow on the way tomorrow afternoon. It just never ends!

I think everyone is now crying out for spring to get here. Spring in Memphis is awesome…festivals, patio drinks, patio brunch, walks along the river or the bluff. A willingness to go other places, like midtown or East Memphis. But right now, it’s hard to even leave the apartment!

2. Distractions on the ‘mill. As I’ve explained before, I cover up the screen on the treadmill so that I’m not constantly looking at the miles pass by…




It gets old, fast. So I cover it up, listen to my music or podcast, and check it once in awhile. I was going for five miles this morning, and when I went to check, the screen read 4.98. BOOYA! Perfect! Even better, I did it in 43 minutes flat. Not bad!

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