Tuesday Twofer

1. Failure. That’s what I’ve become with my half marathon training. I just cannot get motivated to run on the treadmill anymore, and the weather outside is not conducive to running. IT WILL NOT STOP SNOWING/SLEETING/FREEZING RAINING/ICING/BEING COLD! It is annoying! On the off chance we have a warm day (like today, near 60) it rains all day long and work keeps me late so I cannot run afterwards. Ugh. I know I’ve got time, my half isn’t for more than a month so I can still pull it together. But right now it’s just not looking good.

I have missed several weekly runs. I have missed the last two long runs. I have not run more than 19 miles in a week, and have not gone for longer than 7 miles yet this year. These things are not good indicators of success in St. Louis. I guess so long as I eat well and don’t party too much….

2. Birthdays. …Oops. My very dear friend had a birthday party that sort of lasted four days this weekend. Her “official” party on Saturday was a casino-themed one, so imagine lots of hijinx with oversized dice, and a roulette wheel where she won on every spin. Funny how that works…

But it was a ton of fun! Sunday we did brunch at Rizzo’s in South Main, which was awesome! They just opened the new location not too long ago, so they are still working out the kinks, but man, that was some excellent food and well worth the wait! I had the South Main Scramble: scrambled eggs, chorizo sausage, potato hash and a siracha aioli sauce. It was amazing! The chef also brought us lobster pronto pups and a dessert featuring two slices of cake: chocolate with a chocolate-chipotle ganache, and a coconut cake that was to die for. We ate every single last bite of that whole plate!

I remain hopeful that my training gets back on track soon, so I could use some motivation!

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