Been a few months, eh? Indeed it has. When I last left you, I was still mentally recovering from NYC and working towards my goal of 1k miles in 2015. I can safely say that I have zero chance of accomplishing that goal. As it currently stands, I’m not even at 350 miles for the year. So what happened? Well, I’ve just lacked any motivation to do much running. I ran a 10k for R’s birthday, I ran a 10 nautical miler (11.5 miles) with a group of friends, and I’ve signed up for the St. Jude half marathon once again. No other races between now and then, unless I pick up another medium-distance race.

But there’s more! (I feel like an infomercial announcer) At the end of May, R and I got engaged! We are planning to get married in April 2016, so planning that has been very time (and energy) consuming. This week alone we met with two florists and two photographers. We’ve made a decent amount of progress on that to-do list, though. We’ve got our ceremony and reception venues, we’ve got a minister (bilingual!), we’ve got a caterer and a DJ. Just a few other things to check off, and then it’s down to the details.

Of course, the real trick is staying on budget. We are paying for everything ourselves, and I refuse to use debt to finance this. We have been paying cash for the deposits and saving big chunks of money in the meantime. All told, we’re going to each need 5 digits to afford this. It is very, very important for me to not add additional debt!

Forget I said that, because we also bought a house! I know, I went from not wanting to add any debt, to adding like a quarter of a million. But it’s a great house that has been very well maintained over the years (built in 2001). We had been looking for a few weeks, and this was literally the last home we were going to see until we gave up and put the whole home-buying process on hold. As soon as we walked in, we knew it was the perfect starter home for us. It’s a mix of refined elegance (R’s preference) and relaxed and casual (my style). We are expecting to close on August 20th and will move in shortly after that. The waiting game stinks! We can’t wait to get into it and start to make it our own. And it works out well, R’s family will have plenty of space when they come for the wedding.

So that’s what’s new in my little world. A new home, a wife…lots of things changing, and for the better! Life is an adventure, you just gotta see where it takes you sometimes!