Homeownership Fail #1

We have been in our since basically for a full week at this point. We signed the papers two weeks ago, got our keys that Saturday, moved our stuff that Sunday, unpacked for a few days then went to Ohio for my family reunion and my mom’s 60th birthday. We’ve been unpacking, uncluttering and shopping since then. And it’s been a bear.

First, we realized that moving from downtown to midtown comes with some adjustments. For example, there is a lot of ambient noises in any city. We are used to the people talking (or screaming “What day is it?!”), music, car alarms, trolleys (when they run). Here in midtown? Nada. It is almost eerily silent sometimes. Sure, we’ll hear bugs and stuff like that, but you can hear everything. Including the house creek and groan, as they are known to do. And let me tell you, it is frightening. Because not only do you hear everything, but it is very dark too. Downtown, you’ve got lights all the time. Pitch black + no ambient noise = scary nights. Seriously, neither of us slept the first few nights. It’ll take some getting used to.

We have bought some furniture which will come tomorrow. We bought some random gardening stuff to take care of the plants the sellers left behind for us. We bought some hand towels and trash cans to cover the extra two bathrooms we now get to deal with. And we bought new door locks/deadbolts. And there’s where fail #1 happened.

We bought the wrong ones! We wanted to match what exists now, but with a different color and shape. So we got the front door stuff we wanted, but the other two exterior doors are where we goofed. We meant to buy a locking knob and keyed deadbolt set for each, but instead bought dual-sided keyed knobs. Nope, that won’t work. Now I get to go back to Lowes and exchange them.

Other than that, we are still deciding what to do in the short term. For me, I’ve got what I want: we bought a grill. It’s a nice, small Weber. We went quality over size, and I can’t wait to put it together and cook out this weekend! And the furniture will be welcome; we are both tired of sitting on the floor to watch TV.