My Random Thoughts on the GOP Debate

Minimum Wage: Trump, Carson and Rubio all got a version of this question, and all answered directly that they do not support raising the minimum wage. Their reasons ranged from it destroying job growth to the need to invest in vocational training. Kasich mentioned that Ohio raised their minimum wage, as several other states have, and the state of Ohio did not cease to function. The minimum wage was last raised in 2009 to the current $7.25/hour. Prior to Congress raising it over three steps in 2007, it stood at $5.15/hour for ten years. A full-time minimum wage worker would earn $14,790 a year under the current rate. Not exactly enough to live on…

Immigration Reform: Very happy to hear John Kasich and Jeb Bush stand up to Donald Trump and his ridiculous notion that we, as a nation, can deport 11 million undocumented immigrants from their home and communities and ship them off to Mexico. (Speaking of, has anyone ever told Trump that immigrants come from more than just Mexico?) The plan is disgusting and outrageous and a non-starter. It will tear families apart, it will tear communities apart, and it will tear the economy apart.

Tax Plans: Rather than rehash, I’m gonna let handle that for me. If you do any research on any of proposed tax plans, they all share common themes: the greatest benefits go to the wealthiest people, and no one can figure out how to pay for it.

Overall: This is hard to watch. It’s hard to believe that some candidates are so out of touch with reality that they believe they can deport 11 million people and have no effect. It’s hard to believe that the best Republican minds all feel that tax plans that benefit the wealthy over the poor are the best we can do. It’s hard to believe that THIS is the choice we are being presented with.

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