Getting The Ticker Checked Out

As mentioned in my weekly recap for last week, I had been having a weird chest sensation for the past few days. Of course my mind went to all sort of places, including stroke, heart attack, anxiety attack, or a figment of my imagination. Naturally during this time, there was nothing but heart attack/stroke stories all around me. First, there was Bob Harper from Biggest Loser talking about his sudden heart attack. Then a guy who ran a local twitter feed related to the Cleveland Indians baseball team died of a stroke at 34.

So I went online and setup an appointment at the clinic my work offers. They immediately called me and said to go to the emergency room. Off I drove to the nearest ER and calmly explained that I was just having a bit of discomfort. They brought me right back and I had two nurses with me working fast, setting up an EKG, then off to take some blood, then some chest X-rays. Then I was put in a room.

I sat in that room for four hours, hooked up to blood pressure and pulse monitors. I had no less than six different nurses/doctors come in at different times to check on me, ask me questions. I felt well cared-for, I was calm the whole time, joking with the different nurses and asking questions to the doctors. All of my tests came back ok, no issues. I wasn’t having a heart attack or stroke. After five hours, I was discharged with directions to go see a cardiologist.

That’s where I’m at now. I took the day off from running (was scheduled for six miles). I’ll see how I feel in the morning and take it from there.

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