Longest Bike Ride Yet!

Sunday morning I went for a bit of a bike ride around town. I’ve been trying to get out on the roads once a week if possible (usually Sundays), since cycling is BY FAR the thing I’m worst at. Sure, swimming is important, but the time it takes to get gains there, given the short distances by comparison, my time is better spent improving my bike skills and endurance.

So, off I went. I had no real plan, just to bike in sort of a large square for an hour or so. I started heading towards the river, where I could bike through the parks and possibly to the island (not really an island). Once I got there, I decided to go over the Big River Crossing, a bike/pedestrian walkway that goes from Memphis to West Memphis, Arkansas. I figured at that early hour, on a Sunday, there wouldn’t be too many people and I could handle it. The best part about it is the view:

Big River Crossing provides great views of downtown Memphis

Very nice. One thing I didn’t anticipate was that it’s all downhill on the Arkansas side, meaning I’d have to climb it to get back across. It felt like it wouldn’t end, but after spinning for a few minutes, I made it back to the flat part of the bridge and continued on. I went over to Martyr’s Park, which offers great views of the river and the Big River Crossing bridge:

View of the bridge from terra firma

From there, I pedaled down into the park, up the incredibly steep street to get back to the city (first time I ever had to get out of the saddle and mash!), then completed the loop to back home.

Two states!

It wasn’t far or speedy, but I did it. 14.64 miles in 1:17:09, a blazingly fast 11.4MPH. I did hit a new top speed record as well: 21.4MPH. Like I said, I’ve got a lot of room to improve!

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