On Track

Well, as much as we can be. We are getting closer and closer to Dopey in January, and I’m proud to say that other than missing a long run for my birthday the other week, we’ve been nailing our runs. Either four or five days a week, getting some miles in. Sure, our long runs aren’t quite up to par (we are WAY behind on that), but at least we’re getting there.

Since we can’t catch up to the plan at this point, it was time to start developing a new one to get us as close as possible. The next three mini Dopey’s are 4/8/18, 4/9/19 and 2.5/5/10/20. Our longest run to date has only been 11, so that’s not gonna happen. Instead, here’s what we’re going to do:

    The Plan

  • This week: 3/6/14
  • Two weeks: 4/8/16
  • Peak week: 2.5/5/10/18

It’s aggressive still, but it’s the best we’ll be able to do given our current fitness levels. I think a good portion of the longer segments will need to be run/walk as well, so we will train for that.

But otherwise, we’re doing ok. We did our three miles on Thursday and six miles this morning, so tomorrow will be 14. Longest I’ll have run since Louisville, and after two days of running, so it’ll be interesting to see how our legs are feeling during and after the run. Going to be an early bedtime I think!

Going to Disney is the same as running, right?

This week we were scheduled for runs Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Friday and Saturday, with the Friday/Saturday runs at around 5-8 and 12-14 miles. We had the best of intentions too. We even managed to hit up the gym Thursday morning and get in a strength workout. But alas, it was not meant to be.

The weekday runs went fine, 4-5-4 as I had planned. Friday I woke up a bit tired, so only did four miles before work. It’s my birthday week (well, it’s Monday, but you know…celebrations start earlier). Friday after work we hit up some spots for happy hour, then went home after walking around at a monthly art show thing in our neighborhood.

Saturday we knew we were going to Disney, but had still planned to get some miles in. Instead, I woke up very late for me, and there just wouldn’t be time to do both. And in a battle between running and going to Disney to have some fun for my birthday….Disney won.

Next week I hope we can get back on track. My mother-in-law is with us for another week and a half, then my aunt-in-law is here for two weeks, then my mom for a week. By that point, over a three and a half month span, we will have been alone for one single day. It’s not ideal conditions to be training for anything, let alone an undertaking as large as Dopey, especially after wasting away July, August and September. But what can you do.

Big congrats to Shalane Flanagan! We woke up to watch the NYC Marathon this morning, and it was awesome to see her rock it! She held tight and then dropped the hammer and made her move in the last couple of miles, and no one could stick with her. First time an American woman has won since 1977! Friggin’ awesome