2017 Year in Review

Quick post to review my 2017 in running…

Goal 1 – Break two hours in a half
COMPLETE! FINALLY after years of trying, on half marathon #7, I broke two hours. I broke it by a lot, actually, coming in at 1:55 at the Kentucky Derby half marathon in Louisville, KY. It felt amazing to run a great race and knock that off my list.

Goal 2 – 1,250 miles
Complete FAILURE on this one. I ended the year at 964 miles over 180 runs. Both are records for me, besting last year’s 900 miles. Quite short of my goal though, and so utterly close to 1,000 miles.

What did me in was basically the lack of running from the end of May through late September. I ran, just not as much as I should. Even just a few runs here and there would have gotten me to 1,000 miles. With Dopey coming up this week, it wasn’t worth it to push for 1k though, too much of a risk of injury for that.

So, on to 2018! I’ve got Dopey, and then nothing else planned for the year yet. We technically have MCM in October, but we’ll see.

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