Latest Updates

Oh man, have I really not updated this since right after Dopy? Yikes, my bad!

Post-Dopey, I slowly started running again, not wanting to lose too much endurance from my training. I ran a 10k in March (Winter Park 10k) where I somehow set a new PR (by 20 seconds, but still) on a pretty hilly course. I finished in 50:22. I think had I had a better starting position, or the course wasn’t as hilly, I had a shot at sub-50. Maybe next time. I honestly didn’t expect to run that well.

This month, I’ve done two races. First up was the IOA Corporate 5k, which is held after work in downtown Orlando. There’s so many runners, it’s basically impossible to really PR. I thought I was lined up well given the size, but I was incredibly wrong. After a ton of weaving, I finally found some open space…after 2.8 miles. Oops. I still managed a 25:02, good for my second fastest 5k ever. At least at sub-13.1 distances, I think I’ve finally found some speed.

The second race is one I’ll do a formal race recap for, but it was the Star Wars Dark Side half marathon at Walt Disney World. runDisney races are known for their fun atmosphere, not so much for PR attempts. I wasn’t really in shape to PR anyway, and it was very humid (they gave multiple warnings to not even try). It was still a very fun day, regardless of the weather at the start.

Overall, things are going fairly well running wise. I’ve missed a few days here and there, but I’ve mostly kept up with running. I’m ahead of pace for my overall goal of 1000 miles in 2018, which is awesome.

Until next time…

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