A Stroll Down Memory Lane

This blog is a bit over six years old. I started it in February of 2014, and I can’t even remember why. I actually had to go back and look up what my first post was: My first post was about signing up for a sprint triathlon, something I had always wanted to do. I didn’t post again until June, where I managed five posts about a random assortment of topics: me finishing the triathlon, getting in via the lottery to the NYC Marathon, a post about recovering from training runs, and a post about corporate America and why it can suck.

To date, that post about corporate reviews is my most viewed post ever, with a whopping 279 views.

Over the years, things have ebbed and flowed. 2014 was definitely my most productive year of blogging (productive meaning volume of posts). I was pretty consistent in providing updates about my training for the NYC Marathon, and I even grabbed some consistent followers who would provide interactions in the comments. I haven’t received a comment since 2017. Before that: 2015. I don’t blame them. I became very inconsistent on providing any sort of content to anyone. In 2014 I made 55 posts. In 2015, it was 31. 2016: One. One single post (about financial goals I most certainly did not accomplish) in January, and then not another until January 2017 (a year I managed a minor resurgence, pushing out 21 posts).

Needless to say, consistency has not been my strongest characteristic with this thing.

I’ve covered a lot of topics. The majority of the content has been around running: my training journals, random topics, race recaps, etc. Next up is probably personal finance and business/corporate stuff. The rest is a mixture of posts about how long it’s been since I’ve written a post, my goals for the year, or other random thoughts – politics, COVID-19, etc. There’s not really a focus area you could point out, other than maybe running. It’s all just whatever I was thinking about whenever I managed to write something down.

Why am I talking about this stuff? Am I shutting down the blog? Absolutely not. I got a renewal notice on my domain name and realized I had had it for a long time, and so I was curious. I knew I went long periods without posting anything, but some of the gaps were truly mind opening. It’s hard to have a blog if you don’t, you know, blog. What’s funny is that even when I wasn’t writing, people still found the content. My two most productive years, 2014 and 2015, saw 973 and 1,034 views, respectively. Obviously small potatoes compared to other blogs, but still. In 2016, I wrote one post, and I still have close to 500 visitors. Even with very little new content, people would still (somehow) find my blog. That’s fascinating to me.

I know people start blogs for a variety of reasons. Some to document a topic of interest to them. Others to document their day-to-day lives. Some even have a plan to monetize it right away. Me, I just wanted to talk about my different journeys, from running marathons to paying off debt, with some random observations in the middle.

That’s still the plan moving forward. I’ve got some ideas on other stuff I can write about to keep me engaged (and by extension, you). I like having this space to communicate into the void and I don’t intend to stop.

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