The Quest for $1500

I’ve long since wanted to diversify my income and earn some side money. I’ve even set it as an annual goal several times; the most I ever earned was around $52 a few years ago, writing product descriptions for an outdoor furniture company. I found the job on Elance, which is now Upwork. Usually my goal is around $10k in a year, but I make laughably small progress towards that. Most years, I don’t even leave the barn.

Lately, it seems at least one article a day in my Medium daily newsletter is about someone who makes money via a blog. Here’s one. The dollar amounts vary – $50,000, $150,000, etc. – but the basic story is the same. Generate content, get people to view your content, make money either via ads or affiliate marketing. Seems so simple, no?

Of course, if it is so simple, everyone would do it. Who wouldn’t want to earn $50,000 more a year through a blog? I sure would! But is it really as easy as the articles make it seem? Let’s find out.

I’m going to set a goal for myself. Yeah, I’ve done this before. Here’s one from 2019. But those were relatively ill-defined in terms of the ‘how,’ and had bold goals (usually $10k). Let’s start easier. How about $1500 in profit by the end of the year. I need to do some more research on ad revenue vs. affiliate marketing, but that shouldn’t stop me from kicking this project off.

Why $1500 and not some other amount? I need a new laptop (this is a 2014 MacBook Pro, and that’s the price of the one I want. I figure if I can make that amount, a new laptop is a pretty nice reward. I say profit, because I imagine there will be expenses: domain name registration, hosting, maybe a logo from Fiverr, stuff like that. I’m going to come up with a budget and see what I can do.

More to come soon…

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