Highs and Lows for June 2020

And so we end six months of Covid-19 and the global pandemic. June really was a split month, as it started with optimism that things were improving enough to really open things back up, and ended in worse shape than back in April.

Highs of June 2020

      First true date day since the pandemic began. One Friday in the beginning of the month, we both had hair cut appointments, then went out to a yummy lunch at Wine Bar George and did some shopping around Disney Springs.
      Paid off West Elm furniture. Thanks to a three-paycheck month, I was able to pay off our West Elm card that we use to buy furniture for the house. Felt good!
      Better kept to our budget. Sure, we still went over, but we were much closer to where we should be vs. where we had been. Every little bit helps.

Lows of June 2020

      Soaring case counts. This was a huge downer. Our case counts at the beginning of the month were in the low hundreds, and our county was usually in the teens to around 30. Now, we’re usually over five thousand and our county is in the mid-hundreds. It’s led to bars being closed again, and a feeling that we squandered our chances to nip this thing in the bud.
      Still over budget. While we did better, we still went over in our main categories. And in some ancillary categories as well (hello, $380 in house stuff!). No bueno.
      No progress on Spanish. No excuses, just lazy. I live with a Spanish speaker. My in-laws all speak Spanish. I should have plenty of resources and motivation, yet I struggle. This needs to improve.

What were your June highs and lows?

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