Running Goal – January Recap

January has come and gone. Usually January feels like it has 100 days, it seems to drag on and on forever. I think it’s the fact that the end of the year is always so busy, so filled with parties, events, holidays, get-togethers, you name it. Once you get past New Years Day, it’s a long slog through the rest of the month. This year, January went pretty quick. We still had some of the wife’s family here until 1/10, then we had a half marathon that weekend, then a friend came to visit on 2/1 so January felt pretty short.

So how did my running go in January? Not good, not bad. I managed 15 total runs for 65 miles, which puts me on track for my goal of 750 miles this year. There were four weekends in January, and I did a long run on three of them: 8 miles, 13.3 for the half marathon, and 7 the following. I still missed a weekend, for which I really have no excuse other than laziness (and one too many beers Friday night).

My January 2020 running calendar

I’d call the month a win, even with the caveats. Missing a long run can’t happen again (though it already has in February, and I’ve got a trip planned that’ll cause me to miss another) and I had an aborted run with some weirdness going on.

On to February!

My 2020 Running Goal: 750 Miles

I know, it seems strange. My goal for 2012-2018 was always to run 1000 miles. I came close in 2016 with a touch over 900. I did even better in 2017 with 968. In 2018, I nailed it: 1002 miles and some change. So why set a goal that’s less than what I’ve accomplished in previous years? Because I’m not in any sort of shape to do more. Even this is a stretch.

You see, I essentially took 2019 off from serious running. I ran 448 miles in total. I completed one half marathon (January – WDW Half Marathon). and one 5k (November – Wine & Dine weekend, and we walked it). That’s it. I did no speed work, I had no consistency, no strength. Whatever abilities I had after three solid years (for me) drifted away. I’m nowhere close to the shape I need to be to go for a more aggressive goal. 2020 is about resetting and rebuilding.

Because that’s what I have to do. Rebuild. I’m starting over from scratch, needing to build up my mileage, my speed, my mental stamina, my tolerance for the elements. I need new proofs of time for Disney races. I need to work towards my longer term running goals (sub-50 10k, sub-7 mile, sub-4 full). I also need to be better with consistency and build up true mileage. Looking at my decade of running, the most I ever averaged per week in a year was 18. That’s not gonna do me much good for my goals!

750 sounds like a decent goal. I can probably surpass it if I really keep to things. January is off to a pretty good start, and if I keep slowly building up I should be in good shape.

What’s your 2020 running goal?

What I Did Last Week

Weekly recap of what I’ve done to accomplish my goals

Goal 1: Diversify My Income

  • Researched accounting & legal structures
  • Started writing some blog posts

Goal 2: Get Back In Shape

  • Monday – 3 miles easy
  • Tuesday – 3 miles easy
  • Wednesday – 3 miles hard
  • Friday – 3 miles easy
  • Saturday – 4 miles easy
  • Total – 16 miles

Goal 3: Learn Spanish

  • Nothing