Latest Updates

Oh man, have I really not updated this since right after Dopy? Yikes, my bad!

Post-Dopey, I slowly started running again, not wanting to lose too much endurance from my training. I ran a 10k in March (Winter Park 10k) where I somehow set a new PR (by 20 seconds, but still) on a pretty hilly course. I finished in 50:22. I think had I had a better starting position, or the course wasn’t as hilly, I had a shot at sub-50. Maybe next time. I honestly didn’t expect to run that well.

This month, I’ve done two races. First up was the IOA Corporate 5k, which is held after work in downtown Orlando. There’s so many runners, it’s basically impossible to really PR. I thought I was lined up well given the size, but I was incredibly wrong. After a ton of weaving, I finally found some open space…after 2.8 miles. Oops. I still managed a 25:02, good for my second fastest 5k ever. At least at sub-13.1 distances, I think I’ve finally found some speed.

The second race is one I’ll do a formal race recap for, but it was the Star Wars Dark Side half marathon at Walt Disney World. runDisney races are known for their fun atmosphere, not so much for PR attempts. I wasn’t really in shape to PR anyway, and it was very humid (they gave multiple warnings to not even try). It was still a very fun day, regardless of the weather at the start.

Overall, things are going fairly well running wise. I’ve missed a few days here and there, but I’ve mostly kept up with running. I’m ahead of pace for my overall goal of 1000 miles in 2018, which is awesome.

Until next time…

A Lot Has Changed…

Indeed, it certainly has. Officially, it’s been nearly four months since I last posted. Back then, I was training for a marathon I would not ultimately run, in a state I would not live in for much longer, working at a job I would no longer work at. Let’s back up, shall we?

In July, I started interviewing for a new job. It wasn’t that we were unhappy in Memphis, but we wanted to see what other opportunities were out there. I felt a bit stagnant at my company, and my role was about to become nearly 50% travel, something I did not want. I also had always wanted to work for a tech company. Not necessarily a start-up, as I’m too risk-averse for that, but still a small, internet-based company. The place I was interviewing fit that to a T. I did my in-person interview on July 16th. I found out I got the job on August 25th, and after a bit of negotiating, signed the offer that day. We would soon to be moving to….

Orlando, Florida! That’s right, we were packing up and heading further soon – kind of the opposite direction I ever thought I’d go (as my family is mostly in Ohio). But we couldn’t pass it up: Disney right there, beaches on both coasts, Miami a short road trip, a larger and more international airport, a MUCH larger Latin community that would make my wife much happier as well. Lots of reasons, so we were comfortable. We started planning for the move right away and getting things ready, as I started work in less than a month.

I put in my notice at work, transitioned my duties to others, packed up the house, fixed it up, hired a painter to repaint the exterior, and got with our realtor to get it ready to sell. It was on the market and we were headed for a 12 hour drive to Orlando!

We’ve been here a bit over a month so far. It was definitely a trying move – we didn’t know for sure if we had an apartment until two days before we left Memphis, and the movers “left behind” half of our stuff. Like, half of a bed, the coffee maker (but brought the coffee pot). That stuff was put on another truck a few days later….which then promptly broke down somewhere between Memphis and Orlando. All told, it took three weeks for our stuff to make that 12 hour drive.

So, you might be asking, how’s the running going? Yeah, with all of the stuff that needed to happen in a short amount of time, running definitely got the short end of our attention and energy. I ran 49 miles in August. I ran 32 in September. Not good. And of course, the Marine Corps Marathon was October 22nd. Naturally, we didn’t run it. We had deferred a few weeks prior, knowing we would not be in a position to run. Instead, we decided to focus as much as we could on Dopey.

We’ve been training in earnest for the past three weeks. We are starting late, for sure, but trying to just keep plugging away. At this point, we can’t catch up to where we should be according to our original plan; that would be unsafe and likely result in an injury or burnout. My goal is to put us in a position where we can get to a decent distance in the marathon – say, 15-17 miles – and just use grit and determination to finish. A lot will be determined by our mini-Dopeys coming up in a few weeks. The final one is supposed to be 2.5-5-10-20 miles, but ours will be closer to 2.5-5-10-15 or so.

Overall, things are good, though still hectic. Our house hasn’t officially sold yet. We had an offer, it fell through because the buyer slacked off on getting financing. We put it back on the market and got an offer right away; we also have a back-up offer in our pocket should this one fall through. We will be much less stressed once that’s taken care of, and we can start paying off the move.

More to come!